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Distinguished Service Award

The Wyoming Geological Association Distinguished Service Award is presented to a member who has distinguished himself or herself in singular and beneficial long term service to the Association, profession, and community or nation.


Only one member of the Wyoming Geological Association may be considered for this award in any one year. Only regular members and honorary life members may be considered for this award. Associate members shall be ineligible under any condition. This award is not an annual award by necessity or definition.

Guidelines For Consideration Of Candidates

The purpose for issuing this award is to recognize the long term as well as meaningful service of the member to the Association. It is not necessary that a single event without precedent is the basis of this award. The activity should be specific as distinguished from general service as membership on numerous committees.

Procedure For Recommendation

Nominations for this award shall be submitted by any member or honorary member of the Association and/or by members of the Executive Committee as a whole. The nominations may be submitted during any part of the officer term of any single year. All nominations should be accompanied by proper documentation showing the basis for the nomination. All nominations will be considered by the Executive Committee as a whole. The Executive Committee will make the final selection for the recipient of the Distinguished Service Award.

Description Of Award

This award shall be a plaque with the Wyoming Geological Association emblem and the recipient’s name, the date of presentation, and the title: “Distinguished Service Award.”


This award was established by executive action on May 12, 1977.

1978 —William H. Curry
1979 —Donald L Blackstone, Jr.
1980 —J. David Love
1986 —William H. (Skip) Curry III
1991 —Lynette George
1992 —Donald F. Cardinal
1996 —Wallace W. Stewart
1999 —Gene R. George
2002 —Rick Marvel
2004 —W. Dan Hausel
2006 —Arnold Woods
2007 —Russell Hawley
2008—Sandy DeFry
2011—Tom Anderson
2012—Martha Horn
2013—Dave Foster
2014—Gary Winter
2015—Alvis L Lisenbee
2016—Arnold Woods
2017—Cal VanHolland
2018—Kent Sundell
2019—Jimmy Goolsby
2020-No award issued (pandemic)
2021-No award issued
2022- Julia LaMaster

Frank A Morgan Award

The Frank A. Morgan Award has been presented annually for the past 54 years. This award is the most coveted honor in the Wyoming Geological Association, and has been made possible through the generosity of one of our members, the late Frank A. Morgan.

Selection of the person to receive this award shall be based on the person’s contribution or  work performed toward the fulfillment of the major objective of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, which is “…to promote the science of Geology, especially as it relates to petroleum and natural gas; to promote the technology of petroleum and natural gas and to encourage improvements in the methods of exploring for and exploiting these substances; to foster the spirit of scientific research among its members; to disseminate facts relating to the geology and technology of petroleum and gas.” This is to include achievement in the exploration and development of all energy minerals such as bituminous shales and sands, coal uranium, thorium, and other substances remaining to be discovered in this field.

1953- Donald L. Blackstone, Jr. 1988- Nancy M. Doelger
1954- William S. “Bill” McCabe 1989- W. Roger Miller
1955- Myron D. Hubley 1990- Jimmy Goolsby
1956- Creighton A. Burk 1991- Kent Sundell
1957- James A. Barlow, Jr. 1992- Ronald A. Baugh
1958- John Strickland 1993-Terry Miller
1959- Thomas W. Bibb, Jr. 1994- Arnold Woods
1960- John Partridge, Jr. 1994- Ronald Surdam
1961- Edmund L. Hiesey 1996- Mark Doelger
1962- William R. Keefer 1997- John F. Trotter
1963- John B. Carrier 1998- Steve Kirkwood
1964- Jack M. Delong 1999- Gary A. Winter
1965- Don E. Lawson 2000- Carleton S. Babb
1966- William A. Sears 2001- Roy H. Guess 
1967- David A. Bentzin 2002- Randi S. Martinsen
1968- Jerry F. Davis 2003- Andrew K. Finley
1969- Bernard E. “Ben” Weichman 2004- no award issued
1970- Alan J. May 2005- no award issued
1971-  William J. “Bill” Guy, Jr. 2006- no award issued
1972- William H. “Skip” Curry, III 2007- John S. Wold
1973- Earl Hegna 2009- James Brown
1974- John S. Runge 2010- Chris E. Mullen
1975- Wallace W. Stewart 2011- Mark Milliken
1976- John R. Kerns 2012- Tim McCutcheon
1977- Donald F. Cardinal 2013- No award issued
1978- no award issued 2014- Don Cardinal
1979- Jim Hunter 2015- Stephen A. Sonnenberg
1980- Gene George 2016- Edmund R “Gus” Gustason
1981- W. W. Boberg 2017- Paul Heller
1982- Daniel Miller 2018- Bruce Larson
1983- Ralph Specht 2019- Marron Bingle-Davis
1984- Herbert D. Waterman 2020- No award issued (pandemic)
1985- Lynette George 2021- Steven G. Reid (posthumously)
1986- Steven G. Reid 2022- No award issued
1987- Eric Potter 2023- 


Best Speaker Award

For the best presentation and talk by a Wyoming Geological Association member at the noon program.

1958 Harvey F. Beasley, Consultant
1959 Edward R. McAuslan, Union Pacific Railroad Company
1960 D. N. Miller, Jr., Consultant
1961 Donald W. Paape, Pan American Petroleum Corporation
1962 Robert J. Weimer, Colorado School of Mines
1963 George R. Wulf, Pan American Petroleum Corporation
1964 Henry L. Ott, California Oil Company
1965 Donald Asquith, California Oil Company
1966 Charles S. Tenney, Consultant
1967 Richard A. Harnett, Amerada Petroleum Corporation
1968 Ruffin I. Rackley, Teton Exploration Company
1969 Donald S. Stone, Baumgartner Oil Company
1970 Edward R. McAuslan, Union Pacific Railroad Company
1971 Dane “Duke” Picard, University of Utah
1972 Marvin A. Keller, Rainbow Resources, Inc.
1973 Art Renfro, Teton Exploration Company
1974 Gene R. George, Consultant
1975 William H. Curry, Consultant
1976 Patrick D. Maher, Energetics, Inc.
1977 Tim Schowalter, Kirkwood Oil & Gas Company
1978 Bob Wellborn, Burton-Hawks, Inc.
1979 Tim Schowalter, Kirkwood Oil & Gas Company
1980 Woody Herrod, Marathon Oil Company
1981 Nancy Doelger, Gulf Oil Company
 Janice Patterson-Wittstrom, Gulf Oil Company
1982 David Beach, Marathon Oil Company
1983 W. W. Boberg
1984 Kent Sundell, Ram Oil Company, Inc.
Roger Matson
1985 W. Richard Moore
1986 James E. McClurg, University of Wyoming
1987 Peter Huntoon, University of Wyoming
1988 Kent Sundell, Ram Oil Company, Inc./Absaroka Exploration
1989 Peter Huntoon, University of Wyoming
1990 Richard Furner, Conoco
1991 Arnold Woods, Conoco
1992 Peter Huntoon, University of Wyoming Dept. Geology & Geoph.
1993 No award given
1994 Tim McCutcheon, Barlow & Haun
1995 Michael Borah, Borah-Borah Petroleum, Inc.
1996 Ronald A. Baugh, Associated Energy Consultants, LLC
1997 Lawrence A. McPeek, Consultant
1998 John P. Albanese, Consultant
1999 Andrew K. Finley, Goolsby & Associates
2000 Al Allen, Curator, Tate Museum
2001 Gene R. George, Gene R. George & Associates
2002 Neil H. Humphrey, University of Wyoming
2003 Jim Lightner, Tom Brown, Inc.
2004 Stephen R. Kneller
2005  Randi Martinsen, University of Wyoming
2006 Russell Hawley,Tate Museum
2007 Jim Steidtman
2008 Steve Morzenti
2009 David Wheeler
2010 Chris Mullen, Elk Petroleum
2011 Gene George, Gene George and Associates
2012 Phillip Nickerson, University of Arizona
2013 Aaron Otteman, Wold Oil Properties
2014 Paul Heller, University of Wyoming
2015 Rick Bonander, Inter-Mountain Pipe & Threading Co
2016 John Simpson, Oak Ridge National Lab
2017 Mike Cheadle, University of Wyoming
2018 Cynthia Blankenship
2019 Bart Rea
2020 No Award (Pandemic)
2021 Mark Milliken
2022 TBA
2023 Gene Wadleigh
2024 TBD

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