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"Metals & Mining", August 15-18


The speaker for the WGA luncheon Friday, August 1, will be;

Jim Nations
M.S. - Space Studies

He will be speaking on;

Junk Science in Wyoming's Classrooms:
The Lack of Science in the Next Generation Science Standards

Jim Nations has over 30 years experience in public relations and
education in energy, transportation and space exploration.
He previously held positions with Linc Energy, RMOTC at Teapot
Dome (and who hasn’t?), WYDOT, NASA's Jet Propulsion
Laboratory, Oklahoma State University, and the Johnson Space
Jim is a JPL Solar System Ambassador and Vanguard outreach
volunteer with Planetary Resources, Inc., a Seattle-based asteroid
mining company. He is involved with Wyoming robotics
competitions for FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of
Science and Technology), LEGO, and Skills USA Wyoming.
His current development projects include aquaculture using
produced water and a unique Earth-crossing asteroid deflection
strategy. He was recently invited to join the authors at Steve
Milloy’s popular blog at Junk
Jim holds a B.A. in Public Relations and an M.S. in Space Studies
from the University of North Dakota.
Most recently he was involved in two WGA skits and wrote this
year’s extravaganza – “Anthropogenic Global Warming: Threat or
Menace?” His previous WGA talks covered the Mars Pathfinder
rover mission in 1997 and Mars Phoenix Lander in 2008.

Please respond by noon on Thursday if you plan on attending the luncheon. Email or call 237-0027.

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