Our Mission

To facilitate the dissemination of information on Wyoming geology, and to promote professional cooperation among geologists conducting work or research in or about the state.

Association Profile

A professional geological organization founded in 1943, now consisting of over 400 active members.


Contact Information

Our office manager, Brianna, is available to help you Monday through Thursday, from 9:30am to 11:30am. She will be in the office on Thursdays or by appointment. The office will be closed on Fridays.

If you have questions which need immediate attention, please call or e-mail our office. Additional contact information may be found in the newsletter.

Telephone: 307-237-0027

FAX: 307-234-4048

Postal Address: PO Box 545, Casper WY 82602- 0545

Email (Information): info@wyogeo.org

Email (Web Related): altered@alteredimgs.com